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Schneider Electric

ClearSCADAFor today’s modern installations, ClearSCADA is introduced as a premium SCADA data collection, storage, retrieval and display product. Equally at home in a wide range of industrial and utility environments, ClearSCADA is the most feature-rich product on the market, maintaining the efficiency and ease-of-use that customers expect throughout the entire SCADA system life cycle. Whether you are designing, building, operating or maintaining critical SCADA infrastructure, the ClearSCADA client/server architecture and online object database provide a state-of-the-art, third-generation, SCADA platform.

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Open, Expandable and Reliable

Based on industry-standard open interfaces and protocols, ClearSCADA efficiently interfaces with third-party software and hardware to provide seamless data exchange over a wide variety of communication links. With flexibility built into the core of the product, ClearSCADA systems scale easily from a single client/server to a large installation of dedicated servers and dispersed clients. Built-in system redundancy and data-backfilling features assure the highest degree of data reliability, without the need for code development.

ClearSCADA provides ease-of-use, scalable features, and inherent reliability.

Full Feature Clients

Packed with intuitive features and powerful development, viewing, and reporting tools, ClearSCADA offers two client types that meet the needs of all system users. As a full function client, ClearSCADA ViewX provides highly developed operator-interface components including dynamic displays, alarm banner and event list, live and historic trending, and report generation. It is also the development environment with a wide range of productivity tools. ClearSCADA WebX is a thin client providing full operational functionality and process control over a secure Internet connection with your web browser. Using concurrent licensing, WebX clients allow your system to be viewed anywhere, anytime.

ClearSCADA offers full control of your SCADA system through a choice of clients.

Hardware Integration

High performance SCADA platforms are not simply the makings of open standards, full-feature clients and high reliability; they are the result of efficient coupling between field hardware and the entire software system. With ClearSCADA, Schneider Electric offers a new level of integration with SCADA hardware modules, making deployment and operations of wide area SCADA systems as efficient as you can get.

ClearSCADA offers a high level of integration between hardware and software.

Application Development

ClearSCADA is designed by SCADA system users, for SCADA system users, and has evolved into a high performance platform that connects to virtually all of your SCADA infrastructure and business systems. Whether you are designing overall system architecture, building symbols and displays or managing communications, ClearSCADA is a comprehensive platform that offers solid return on investment throughout the SCADA system life cycle.

To promote creative and effective engineering, ClearSCADA incorporates a unique design feature called the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). As a multi-developer environment, IDE allows all personnel to work simultaneously on a project, thereby promoting efficient, coordinated development across all disciplines.

As a platform focused on efficiency, ClearSCADA employs object-based architecture to develop reusable templates containing all the operational characteristics essential for system deployment. At a low level these objects can represent single devices incorporating all associated tags, alarms and events, security and communication parameters. At a high level the objects represent entire sub-systems comprised of groups of devices. Libraries of industry-specific templates are easily built and then replicated throughout a system. When modification to a replicated sub-system is required, only a single change need be performed on the source template to effect change throughout the multiple instances of the template within the system.

ClearSCADA accelerates system design and deployment with its Integrated Development Environment.


With today’s enhanced security requirements, SCADA systems must provide state-of-the-art security technology at all levels of operation. ClearSCADA security features prevent external attempts at system infiltration while simultaneously allowing controlled access to numerous legitimate users. Security is configured at the object level and is based on user-access profiles and object permissions. All ClearSCADA system interfaces are inherently secure.

ClearSCADA offers security control at all levels of operation.

Customer and Technical Support

Schneider Electric has always been associated with customer support that goes beyond industry standards. With the addition of ClearSCADA, the company now offers the same level of support customers have come to expect, with the now added value of full SCADA system support.

Whether it is pre-sales support during project conception, training of engineers and technicians during deployment, or direct technical support at any time, Schneider Electric's customer support team is second to none.

Schneider Electric

For more information, visit the Schnieder Electric website, or contact us to request a ClearSCADA demo.

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