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Schneider Electric

SCADAPack I/O Expansion & Communications

SCADAPack Expansion Modules
SCADAPack controllers are powerful on their own but are also expandable through the IO & Communication modules. Starting with as few as 11 process I/O points, any SCADAPack controller (except SCADAPack 100) can be expanded to over 700 process I/O points, using up to twenty IO & Communication modules.

SCADAPack Communication Modules
Communications and connectivity options are also flexible with a range of Modem, Interface and Wireless communication modules including an SDI-12 protocol hardware interface module.

5000 Series Expansion and Communication Modules

6000 SeriesWith the addition of Schneider Electric's 5000 Series I/O Expansion and Communication modules, the series of powerful SCADAPack controllers become even more powerful. Any+ SCADAPack controller is easily expandable from its base I/O configuration to more than 700 process I/O points, and regardless of what communication format is required, there is a communication module to fit the need.

The Schneider Electric 5000 Series I/O Expansion modules are available for a wide range of process I/O requirements, from digital and analog I/O to I/O-simulators and a UPS module. A maximum of forty I/O modules may be connected for an expansion of up to 512 digital outputs, 512 digital inputs, 128 analog inputs, 32 counters and 32 analog outputs.

For more information, download the latest Series 5000 brochure.

With Schneider Electric's ever-increasing product line offering in both SCADAPack Controllers and 5000 Series Expansion modules, it is important to know which module is supported by which controller. For more information, download the compatibility chart that summarizes current module compatibility.


6000 Series Expansion and Communication Modules

SCADAPack 66016601 Input/Output Expansion Module
Designed to supplement the onboard I/O count of select SCADAPack TM Smart RTUs, the 6601 I/O Expansion Module provides a combination of I/O, including digital and analog inputs and outputs, and counter inputs. The I/O combination provided is identical to that on the I/O board included with the SCADAPack 575 and the SCADAPack 535E.

For more details, download the Series 6601 brochure.



SCADAPack 6601
6602 HART I/O expansion module
The 6602 HART® I/O expansion module brings HART instruments and actuators to the SCADAPack™ 57x Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).

Easy: Retrieval and viewing of configuration, multivariable process values, device status, and diagnostics, over HART.

Effective: Device vendor DTMs 2 hosted by RemoteConnect™ software provide tailored operator access to each HART device.

Remote Access: Asset Management Systems (AMS) have access to HART devices over TCP/IP using HART pass-through 3 via the SCADAPack 57x RTU

Two module variations:
• 8 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs
• 8 analog inputs only

Simultaneous logic access to HART data and 4...20 mA loop data.

Conformal-coated circuit boards for enhanced reliability in adverse environments.

Wide operating temperature range: -40...70 °C (-40...158 °F).

For more details, download the Series 6602 brochure.


Schneider Electric

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