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  Accutech Series Brochure
4AO & 8SW Analog & Switch Output
Accutech Manager
AI/AV Multi-Input
AM20 Acoustic Monitor
AP10 Absolute Pressure
BR10 Base Radio
BR20 Base Radio
DP10 Differential Pressure
GL10 Gauge Level
GP10 Gauge Pressure
RT10 RTD Temperature
SI10 Switch Input
SL10 Submersible Level
TC10 Thermocouple Temperature
TM10 Turbine Meter Totalizer


Accutech™ Wireless Instrumentation

Accutech Wireless InstrumentationSchneider Electric leverages advances in wireless and battery technologies with the Accutech series of Wireless Instrumentation products, providing cost-effective, easy to install alternatives to traditional, hardwired sensor sites. The product line is not only a relevant addition to the SCADA system toolbox; it further extends across the majority of industrial applications and is designed for installations ranging from the plant floor to field installations with extreme temperature and humidity ranges. All Accutech products offer Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Area Rating (Class 1, Div 1 on select models) and a 3-year warranty.

The Accutech series is comprised of self-contained, self-powered Field Units providing process data to a centralized Base Radio through a 900MHz spread-spectrum, frequency hopping wireless connection. Networks of up to 100 field units can be created and polled by a single base radio using the secure, proprietary “Industrial Wireless” protocol, with a typical range between field unit and base radio of up to 5000ft (1524m). Concentrated process data in the base radio is then passed on through a serial link to Modbus-enabled third party field and networking equipment, SCADA Host software platforms and Schneider Electric products. With the capability to scale up to as many as 16 wireless instrumentation LANs, Accutech networks easily accommodate future expansion plans. All Accutech products are equipped with an LCD/Keypad for local configuration and monitoring, a NEMA 4X weather-proof metal housing and are qualified to IEC EN00068 2-6 (vibration) and 2-27 (shock).

A practical selection of Field Units is available, including RTD and Thermocouple Temperature, Gauge Level and Pressure, Submersible Level, Switch Input, Analog/Digital Input units, Acoustic Monitor and Turbine Meter Totalizer, each equipped with an integrated antenna, long-life battery (up to 5 years) and radio. Optional remote sensors and high gain antennas are available on selected units. Base radio models are offered in an explosion-proof variant and din rail-mounted variant with optional integrated long-haul Trio K-Series radio.

Integral to the Accutech product offering is Accutech Manager (WIM), the Windows-based services management software that provides a user friendly environment for field unit configuration and diagnostics. The product also functions as an effective wireless network management tool and can be used for temporary data collection and testing. WIM is provided as a free of charge utility.


Schneider Electric

Contact us for more information, or see Accutech at the Schneider Electric website.

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