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SCADAdroid™ R2 Alarm Dialer

SCADAdroid   Powerful. Efficient. Simple.
There are decades of integration and field experience with Scada systems behind the ScadaDroid™ R2 alarm unit, which means it's designed to increase up time and decrease costs. ScadaDroid™ has discarded the outdated industry-standard technology to create a powerful and user friendly alternative.


  • Built-in Cell Modem with other connection options available
  • Multiple Modbus TCP clients can be configured for alarm input
  • Notifications through text, email and voice


  • One device protects a Scada system of any size - Up to 100 phonebook entries plus 1 of 4 groups plus 1 of 8 shifts
  • Compact - Choosing one of the industries smallest alarm dialers makes
    retrofitting facilities less frustrating
  • Low down time - User friendly web interface makes setup quick and easy



  • I/O: 8 digital inputs, 12-24 VDC, with indicator lights
  • Communications: Modbus/TCP , Ethernet
  • Cell Networks: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA+
  • Power Supply: 12-24 VDC, USB, Power Over Ethernet (POE)
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Dimensions:
    L = 4.01" / 10.3 cm
    W = 2.55" / 6.5 cm
    H = 2.55" / 6.5 cm

For more information, download the SCADAdroid R2 Datasheet,
or contact us.

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