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Firetide Authorized Partner


Firetide Wireless Networks

Hot Port Mesh System

The Firetide HotPort Mesh System provides a high capacity, self-healing wireless mesh network that operates seamlessly indoors and outdoors. Designed for maximum performance, scalability, mobility and security, the HotPort mesh network operates in 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz, and 5 GHz spectrums. These nodes offer the tri mode radio, giving the end user the flexibility to use the physical hardware based on application needs in any of these bands. Creating a distributed Ethernet switch-like infrastructure, the HotPort system enables multiple network services to operate on the wireless backbone enabling secure and reliable wireless networks for video, voice and data.

Highest performance & capacity for simultaneous voice, video, & data applications

The bonded mode of operation in HotPort 6000 dual radio delivers up to 70 Mbps raw throughput with industry-leading low latency, robust class-of-service and 802.1p QoS. The linear mode of operation delivers 35 Mbps raw throughput sustained over multiple hops. HotPort 6000 single radio delivers 35 Mbps throughput. The patented AutoMesh protocol constantly optimizes mesh-wide performance with unique features such as congestion control, flow-based routing, load balancing, and costbased bandwidth metrics.


HotPort 6000 Mesh Nodes

firetide HotPort 6000HotPort 6000 indoor and outdoor mesh nodes provide dual radios dedicated for backhaul, direct Ethernet connections for video cameras and other devices, and operate with Firetide or 3rd party APs. Indoor nodes include a built-in four port 10/100 Ethernet switch. HotPort 6000 outdoor mesh nodes have weatherproof enclosures and are designed for rugged environments. They include three weatherproof 10/100 Ethernet ports, out of which two are capable of providing 802.3af Power over Ethernet. These units are certified for use with a variety of high-gain antennas and come equipped with a flexible mounting bracket for pole or wall mounting. HotPort 6000 also come in a single radio version for specific application needs.


HotPoint Wi-Fi Access Points

Firetide offers unmatched flexibility for enabling Wi-Fi access in municipalities, enterprise and mobile applications. Firetide’s enterprise-quality .11 b/g indoor and outdoor HotPoint access points fully integrate with a HotPort mesh and are managed by HotView software. Unlike other mesh systems, the modular HotPoint solution can be physically separated from a Hotport mesh node enabling optimal placement of both backhaul and access.

HotViewTM and HotViewTM Pro

Each HotPort mesh node includes Firetide’s HotView management software for basic mesh and AP configuration, monitoring and management. The optional HotView Pro is advanced management software that enables centralized control of larger mesh environments and multiple mesh networks such as enterprise or metropolitan networks. SNMP management is included to allow network administrators to integrate management of HotPort mesh networks into a network management system such as HP OpenView or IBM NetView. A web-based client provides connection to the HotView Pro Server through a web browser, eliminating the need to run a separate client application.


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