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Schneider Electric
Licensed and Spread Spectrum Unlicensed Radio Modems

Please note: the SCADAWave product brand name has been changed to Trio.

Industrial Strength Radios

Trio Industrial Strength RadiosThe Trio series of state-of-the-art digital serial and Ethernet data radios offers ease-of-use, flexibility and advanced performance features. With tough environmental specifications and support for industry-standard protocols DNP3, MODBUS and IEC 60870-5-101, Trio radios are designed for use in the most demanding of SCADA environments. All Trio products are Class I, Div 2-compliant and are backed by an industry-leading 3 year warranty.

The product line encompasses the licensed Q and M-Series, and the unlicensed J & K-Series each boasting its own unique set of system configurations and functionality.

For applications requiring the complete range of communication elements, from advanced remote units to full-feature base stations, repeaters and bridges, the Ethernet-based J-Series and serial-based K-Series radios provide all these in a variety of mounting options, utilizing secure, unlicensed 900MHz and 2.4GHz spread-spectrum data transmission, innovative collision-avoidance and multiple data stream technologies.

The Q-Series offers 450MHz half and full-duplex remote variants, as well as battle-hardened base station/repeater and hot-standby base station controller units.

The 450MHz remote M-Series returns high performance at a fraction of the cost of other comparable radios and may also be integrated with Q-Series radio networks for added flexibility.

As the most powerful tool in the wireless communication toolbox, TView+ is used to configure Trio radios locally or remotely, and to provide useful system diagnostics and communication performance data, ensuring that the radio network is setup and tuned for optimum performance.

To round out the product line, optional accessories are offered, including Omni and YAGI antennas, antenna duplexer, feed lines and surge suppressor.

Trio Q-Series
Trio Q Series

Trio Q-Series advanced high speed licensed digital data radio provides both Ethernet and serial communications for the most complex and demanding applications in Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint (Multiple Address Radio) Telemetry and remote SCADA systems.

Features such as ChannelShare™, MultiStream™, web-based user configuration, together with powerful remote diagnostics and Network Management, make the Q-Series the complete licensed radio solution that works with all leading host systems and remote equipment.

Combining both Ethernet and serial connectivity, the Trio Q-Series is suitable for use with the latest SCADA technology as well as providing a smooth transition from serial-based infrastructure to IP/Ethernet.

For more information download the datasheet:

Trio J & K Series
Trio J and K Series

  • Ethernet and serial-based data radios
  • Unlicensed 900MHz & 2.4GHz
  • Secure frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology
  • Up to 256kbps over-air data rates
  • 0.1 to 1.0W adjustable transmitter power (900 MHz models)
  • Dual antennas with independent, configurable power settings
  • Ultra long range high performance receiver
  • Added security with 256-bit AES encryption and Trusted Remotes/Masters list
  • Flash memory-based firmware
  • Enclosed and din-rail mountable variants
  • Board-only variant for stand-off installation or SOLARPack 210 & 410 integration
  • Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C & D Hazardous Approval
  • 3-Year warranty (parts and labor)

The J & K-Series is Schneider Electric's premier line of spread-spectrum, unlicensed data radios. With two sub-series to choose from, the Ethernet-based J-Series and serial-based K-series, J & K series pack a lot into one compact package. The J & K Series operate in the 900MHz and 2.4GHz frequency ranges and may be configured as an advanced remote, full-feature repeater/bridge or in a redundant hot stand-by system with select E-Series products. Installation is a snap with several mounting options, including din-rail, stand-offs, integrated SOLARPack and panel.

The J-Series is the first Trio product to offer “IP over Ethernet” technology and an Embedded HTML web server, providing comprehensive Network Management and Remote Diagnostics capabilities; all contained in a sealed, hard shell metal package. The K-Series data radios are designed for the high speed serial data transfer requirements of any modern SCADA system and are available in a sealed hard shell metal package, a panel mounted metal shell package or a board-only variant.

Many innovative features have been incorporated into the J & K-Series, including multiple data stream support, channel sharing and network bridging, ensuring that even the most challenging of SCADA systems will benefit from optimized data transmission and bandwidth utilization.

For added convenience and flexibility, the J & K-Series has dual antenna connections, an internal multiplexer and a system port providing system-wide network management access and interruption-free ‘hot’ user configuration. The single site, multi-master synchronization feature allows for the simultaneous transmission of data, with no TX and RX interference, thereby increasing system capacity considerably over similar competitor products.

The J & K Series boasts true high-speed data rates of up to 256kbps, low power consumption with a dynamic sleep mode and a wide operating temperature range of -40º to +70ºC (-40º to 158ºF).

For more information download the datasheets:

SCADAWave M-Series
Trio M-Series
  • 395-520MHz band operation
  • Up to 9600bps true over-air data rates
  • Synthesized digital data radio design
  • High frequency stability
  • Compact, low cost, remote data radio unit
  • Compatible with E-Series
  • Base/Repeater and Hot Standby Base stations
  • Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C & D Hazardous Approval
  • 3-Year Warranty (parts and labor)

Combining excellent performance with versatility, the MR450 is a compact, affordable and easy-to-use remote digital data radio.

The MR450’s straightforward RS232 interface and 9600bps over-air data transfer rate perfectly situates the product as the radio of choice in small to medium-sized SCADA systems requiring reasonable functionality and return on investment.

The MR450 offers an on-board memory buffer allowing user interface speeds of up to 19,200kbps, full CRC error-checked data and an optional analog interface that is ideal for migrating legacy SCADA systems from analog to digital technology.

The MR450 is compatible with specially enabled E-Series products, making the product even more capable than similarly-equipped competitor radios.

Like all Trio products, the MR450 is built for use in demanding environments with an operational temperature range of -30 to +60ºC (-22 to 140ºF), a high temperature frequency stability rating of +/- 1.5ppm and high temperature fold-back Tx protection (@70 ºC/140 ºF).

For more information download the M-Series Datasheet.

Trio TView+
  • Powerful network management
  • Non-intrusive, network-wide diagnostics
  • Remote radio configuration
  • Advanced features
  • Alarms, trending and logging
  • Client / server
  • ODBC

The keystone for the entire Trio product line is TView+, the network configuration, management, and diagnostics software environment. This application is packed with powerful tools designed to make radio system operation as simple as possible.

All Trio products (Except J-Series) can be configured via desktop or notebook computer using this WindowsTM-based software. The product’s user-friendly command menu allows for read & writes to radio modems and utilizes a Wizard to assist with simple and rapid configurations. To save even more time, all configurations may be saved to disk for future deployments. Additional pop-up menus are available to set other parameters including transmit power, digital mutes and SID codes.

Additional pop-up menus are available to set other parameters including transmit power, digital mutes and SID codes.

Network diagnostic duties are non-intrusive and may be run simultaneously with the application, from anywhere in the system, including remote sites. Advanced diagnostic features include:

  • Alarms (individual user-configurable limits)
  • Trending
  • Logging (time & date stamped)
  • BER testing
  • Channel occupancy
  • Client / server
  • ODBC

Schneider Electric

Contact us for more information, or see Trio at the Schneider Electric website.

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