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PLCs / RTUs - SCADAPack 314 / 314E
The Sensible RTU for a Practical Time

  • High Performance 32-Bit processor
  • USB 2.0-compliant peripheral port for connection to PC
  • Configurable power-saving modes (15mW in sleep mode)
  • Two serial ports (RS232/RS485)
  • 8 AIN, 2AOU (optional), 16DI, 10DO, 3 CTRIN (2 turbine)
  • Optional integrated spread spectrum radio
  • 2 or 4 run custody flow computer using RealFLO
  • Support for 32 independent C/C++ applications
  • Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Area Rating
  • ATEX ll 3G and IECEx: Ex nA llC T4 per EN 60079-15, protection type n (Zone 2), (334 based 24V Dl/Solid State Relay version only, Wireless versions pending)
  • 3-year warranty on parts and labor

The SCADAPack 314 is a compact, powerful, and cost-effective controller designed for today's most practical requirements in SCADA systems.

Built on the proven SCADAPack 300 Series platform, the SCADAPack 314 is a purpose-built controller idea for remote installation requiring advanced processing, low power consumption, and serial communication. It features the same powerful 32-bit processor, system architecture, and power management capabilities as the SCADAPack 334 and offers two serial communication ports and a USB peripheral port for connectivity; optional wireless and IO modules are available.

SCADAPack 314 offers Modbus and DNP3 protocols for interoperability with a wide-range of SCADA hardware. Programming is accomplished with TelePACE Studio, ISaGRAF (IEC61131-3) and up to 32 independently-executing C++ applications. Like all SCADAPack controllers, when integrated with Schneider Electric's SCADA host software, ClearSCADA, unique benefits can be leveraged such as remote configuration, application downloads, and time stamped data mapping directly into the historian.

SCADAPack 314 features an industry-leading three-year parts and labor warranty and offers Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Area Rating and ATEX II 3G and IECEx certification: Ex nA IIC T4 per EN 60079-15, protection type n (Zone 2). For more information download the SCADAPack314 Datasheet

For more information download the datasheets below:
SCADAPack314 Datasheet

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