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PLCs / RTUs - SCADAPack 570 / 575

SCADAPack 570 / 575

The SCADAPack™ 570/575 rPACs are the first models able to share programs with Schneider Electric Modicon™ M340 and M580 PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers).

The SCADAPack 570/575 rPACs are managed with RemoteConnect™ software, a new tool built with Schneider Electric shared technologies (industry standard FDT2/DTM, Modicon Unity Pro™ logic engine).

The rPAC database utilizes objects with user-defined names, helping to make configuring and programming easy.

RemoteConnect software helps operators to remotely manage rPACs, thus reducing the number of on-site visits (configuration changes, program upload, firmware update, diagnostics).

SCADAPack 570/575 rPACs are compact, have conformal coated electronics boards, can cold start at –40°C (-40°F) and operate up to +70°C (+158°F).

Product Highlights:

  • Database with user-defined object names
  • Open standard IEC 61131-3 programming
    environment able to share programs with
    Modicon M340 and M580 PACs
  • Open standard telemetry protocols DNP3
    level 4 with Secure Authentication and
    IEC 60870-5-101/-104
  • Open standard industrial protocol Modbus
  • Support of HART™ pass-thru to smart
    instruments and actuators
  • Data concentrator for DNP3 and Modbus
  • Multiple active SCADA masters, up to
    200 remote/local slave devices and up
    to 90 remote peer devices
  • Remote maintenance (ability to remotely
    perform configuration changes, program
    downloads, firmware update and diagnostics)
  • 1ms resolution time-stamped digital inputs,
  • 30ms sampled analog inputs
  • 3 Ethernet and 4 Serial ports, 1 USB device
    port for configuration, 1 USB host port for
    external storage
  • Tool-less DIN rail mounting system
  • Withstands 15g acceleration
  • IP2X terminal blocks
  • Operation from –40 to +70°C (–40 to +158°F)
  • Compact form factor
  • Conformal coating

For more information download the SCADAPack 570/575 Datasheet

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