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Vicon Security Software, NVRs and DVRs


We know the need for intelligent video systems is greater than ever, and Vicon has been investing significant resources to meet that challenge. Recent developments with digital video such as the ViconNet® video management application and Kollector® NVR’s, DVR’s, and servers has provided users with significantly greater capability and functionality.

Kollector Elite XG

Vicon Kollector Elite XGKollector Elite XG is a 16-channel digital video recorder and system control station powered by ViconNet software. It features the ability to view, control and configure every ViconNet NVR/DVR and IP device on the network. The unit supports up to 8 IP cameras in addition to the 16 local video inputs. • Windows XPTM • Up to 2 TB internal HD space • Maximum recording rate of 480 fps • Includes 16x4 analog video matrix • CD-R/CD-RW/DVD or hot-swappable internal RAID • Maximum resolution of 480 TV lines @ 720 x 488 (576 TVL @ 864 x 586 PAL) pixel capture without loss of video quality.


ViconNet Network Video Recorder

ViconNet Network Video RecorderPre-configured PCs running ViconNet software provide the ability to view, control, and configure every ViconNet DVR and IP device on the network. Models are available with extended storage options and RAID compatibility. • Windows XPTM • Up to 2 TB internal HD • May be expanded up to 8TB with external RAID devices • Supports system integration with access control and video analytics.


SurveyorVFT 35X Day/Night Camera Dome System

Vicon SurveyorVFTPTZ OUTDOOR DAY/NIGHT CAMERA DOME; includes variable-speed drive, environmental housing and 35X high-resolution day/night camera/lens and clear outer dome.

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